One way to make sure that your next dentist appointment goes smoothly is to take care of your teeth at home using the right dental tools. While most patients are definitely taking steps to take care of their teeth at home, a visit to the dental aisle of any store can be confusing. So many products promise a better smile, but which ones can you trust? Making the right choices in the dental aisle can have a lasting effect on both your smile and your self-confidence.

Seal of Approval

When choosing the right dental products, you should always look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. While many products make claims promising a brighter smile or the removal of plaque, any claims on a product with the ADA seal of acceptance must have their claims verified and confirmed with the ADA. So unlike other products, you know the allegations are true.

Soft-Bristled and Electronic Toothbrushes

The toothbrush options alone can leave one feeling very confused when trying to buy the right products for their teeth. When choosing between soft, medium, and hard bristles, always select a soft-bristled brush. Likewise, choosing an electronic toothbrush over a manual one is the best choice. Both of these decisions prevent overly hard scrubbing of the teeth. They allow for gentle cleansing of the teeth that will not have long-term damage.


While water picking is also known as water flossing, it differs from traditional flossing. A water pick uses a machine that cleans your mouth and gums with a direct stream of water. The pressure of the water helps to remove food from the teeth. This tool will benefit everyone but is especially easy to use for people with other dental work, such as braces or bridges.

Tongue Scraper

When brushing our teeth, we don't always think about the tongue because we are too busy thinking about the teeth and gums. But your tongue is full of bacteria that cannot always be removed with just a toothbrush/ A tongue scraper helps provide a deeper clean of the tongue and removes bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Invisalign Clear Aligner System

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign offers clear aligning of the teeth for a more discreet fix. These aligners fit tightly over teeth in order to encourage teeth to move in a shorter time span and are best suited for adults or teenagers. They also make it easier to chew, clean and bite so the whole process is more enjoyable.

When facing confusion about which products to buy for the best dental results, the best choice is to ask your dentist. Suri Dental Group can help you navigate an otherwise confusing dental aisle. We know that a patient's dental tools at home are essential for having the best smile and we're happy to assist you in finding the ones that are right for you.