When it comes to ignoring your body's aches and pains, dental pain is often high up on the list. With today’s busy world, you might put it off until it gets worse — or until your next appointment comes around — but don’t. If your oral pain is consistent, throbbing, or become severe you’ll want to visit the dentist ASAP, and here’s why:

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Infection, cracked teeth, and cavities are just some of the things that could be causing your pain. These are also things you never want to ignore. Infections can spread and all of these things could worsen if not treated promptly.

Types of Pain

Dental pain comes in all shapes and sizes, and the kind of pain you are experiencing are signs of the issue that is causing it. So what does the type of pain you’re experiencing mean?

Throbbing or shooting pains: If you’re experiencing a shooting or throbbing sort of pain in a localized area of your mouth, it’s most likely an ignored cavity where the bacteria has or is spreading. If left ignored, you could begin to experience a fever and extreme sensitivity.

Jaw pain: From clenching your jaw to grinding your teeth — jaw pain could have a few causes. If you are experiencing jaw pain in the rear of your mouth, and have not yet gotten your wisdom teeth pulled or entirely in, it could be a sign they are having an issue growing, and you’ll want to visit your doctor for an x-ray. If jaw clenching or teeth grinding is ignored, it can lead to wearing away of your teeth and constant headaches.

Swelling, soreness or bleeding gums: Healthy gums are vital to your dental health. Bloody and sore gums, if left ignored, can lead to jawbone issues and loss and loose teeth. Make sure you are brushing and flossing as recommended and talk to your dentist about the type of toothbrush you should be using.

Ignoring Dental Pain Could Lead to Further Damage

Ignoring the pain won’t make it go away — in fact, it will most likely just lead to further damage down the line. Using numbing medication or taking a pain reliever might seem like an easy fix, but it’s not treating the issue at hand. Some causes of tooth pain could also lead to irreversible damage — so it’s crucial to visit your doctor before it’s too late.

To ensure your minor issue doesn’t become major, schedule your routine cleaning and exam, with Suri Dental Group. We are proud to offer quality and comfortable care with upfront pricing. Your comfort is our top priority!